New Music Alert: Cautiontape

Austin-based indie rock outfit Cautiontape isn’t famous yet, but if their debut EP is any indication of their potential, they will be.

Ex Cops (Indie Rock Band)

Ex Cops vs. McDonald’s

Here’s an excellent story: McDonald’s Asks Indie Band to Play For Free During SXSW. Read Their Fantastic Reply. The gist: Not-yet-super-famous indie …

Mumford & Sons Goes Electric with New Single "Believe"

Mumford & Sons Goes Electric

With “Believe,” Mumford & Sons have moved from the barn into the big city. Unfortunately, that big city was London, and now they sound like Coldplay.

Alright - It's a Word!


It’s time to end this ridiculous debate.

Bil Gaines Happy Emotion


For all of January 2015, I used the “Slumber” filter on Instagram instead of “Sierra,” which is my usual filter of choice. See how it changed things.

Disco Donut Trucker Hat

Trucker Hat Couture

Today, January 15, is National Hat Day, so I’d like to talk about the majesty of the trucker hat. You know what …