Who Is Bil Gaines, And What’s This All About?

Bil Gaines
Self-Portrait of the Author

You could read my static “about” page, but really, you get a better sense of me by stalking me on various social media:



I’m a professional SEO analyst, hence all the social media activity and all the jibber-jabber about SEO & digital marketing on this website.

The short version of me: I grew up & went to college in Southern California. I lived in New Hampshire, Boston, and Chicago in my 20’s, and after turning 30, we moved back to Southern California. “We” includes my wife and daughter. I’m working slowly and steadily towards writing full-time for a living. This blog you’re reading is currently in a slow transition to monetize, so don’t be alarmed if you see sponsored posts from time to time. It’s all part of the endeavor to write full time for a living. (You can help speed that up by buying some sweet merch!)

I’m a trained actor, a published and produced writer, an avid amateur photographer, an online marketing pro, somebody’s dad, somebody’s husband, somebody’s son, somebody’s brother, a musician, a poet, an artist, and a sandwich expert. I’m sure there’s more, but that’s about all you need to know right now.

Read the blog. Ignore this “about me” page. “About me” pages are stupid. Especially this one.

2 Replies to “Who Is Bil Gaines, And What’s This All About?”

    1. Hey Ron! Thanks for the tip about your odd cousin — I’ve only just glanced at it, but I’m in love with that site. I’ll definitely be spending some quality time there…

      And no, I am a WordPress man myself. But where can I catch your Drupal column?


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