An Experiment in Narcissism

Socialfresh has some great statistical data on Facebook.  I was curious to find out when the best time to run a little experiment on my Facebook friends would be, and this website totally came through.  The answer is between noon and 3 PM on a Wednesday, it seems.  My experiment is to find out who my most narcissistic amigos are by tracking and analyzing responses on the following status update:

My heart is full of love and desire for you.

It’s a line from “Don’t Leave Me This Way” (Communards with Sarah Jane Morris).

Knowing who I know, I’m guessing there will be a good amount of people facetiously piping up with thank-yous and in-kind replies.  The obvious satirical gag is on themselves – they are a bunch of clowns who don’t mind being the butt of a joke, as long as it’s a good joke.  But the implication that “because I make a joke of being an attention-whore, I’m therefore not an attention-whore.”

Because no one wants to admit to being an attention-whore, least of all the attention-whores themselves.  But the premise of the implication is self-negating, because the simple act of making a joke out of being an attention-whore is by its very nature an attention-getting action.

A few x-factors to this experiment: my most active Facebook friends are theatre people, who are more often than not the exceptions to statistics like these.  Also, it seems redundant, because almost all theatre people in the world like attention, even the back-stagers.  So the data I pull from the initial firing of this experiment will need to be further analyzed.  I’ll have to take a close look at each individual narcissist.

What happens if I only get one or two comments?  Then I’ll try again the following Wednesday between noon and 3 PM, with a different line from some sexy song I hear on the radio.

I feel comfortable posting this experiment ahead of time on my blog here, because as of today, February 12, 2011, I haven’t officially started bragging about my attention-getting website.  According to Google Analytics, only six people have ever seen this website, and two of them are probably me.  So if you are one of my four loyal readers, please don’t spill the beans.  Let’s all just observe.

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