Bland Car Enthusiast: The Buick Avenir Concept

Buick Avenir Concept - Bland Car Enthusiast

If you haven’t heard about the Buick Avenir concept vehicle, that’s not really surprising. Concept vehicles are for the truly enthused. Everyday citizens generally have little to no idea what concept vehicles come and go, but those who pay attention are regularly rewarded with something they like.

Me, I like sedans. Especially big ones. Especially Buicks.

So imagine the height of my eyebrows’ arch when I caught photos from the Detroit Auto Show of the extra-large, extra-awesome Buick Avenir Concept Vehicle. (Click here for the official website.)

I recommend reading Buick’s actual website, because it comes with more details and real photos. Here are the things that matter to me, though, in a nutshell:

  • No exterior dimensions given, but I’d wager that’s wider and longer than an Enclave (Buick’s big crossover).
  • No interior dimensions are given, but it’s only got four seats. For such a large vehicle, one would expect five seats, but I think Buick knows exactly what they’re doing and who their audience is.
  • It’s got loads of super-futuristic looking design elements (as I write this, the year is 2015), but I won’t be surprised when some of those elements start showing up in actual production vehicles. And I know that’s kind of a blanket statement that applies in general to all concept vehicles, but I’m thinking very specifically here about the 2×2 interior layout for Buick sedans and that 80’s-tastic white leather.

Follow Buick on Twitter for frequent photos and updates of where the Avenir is. (Right now, it’s at the Chicago Auto Show.)

I want this car…I. Want. This. Car.

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