Bland Car Enthusiast: The All-New Scion iA Sedan, Baby!

Scion has made a sedan and I am so, so, SO happy. I currently have a Scion xD, and I love it, but I’ve always felt that Scion is not a complete brand without a sedan. So there we go. Problem solved.

2016 Scion iA sedanScion iA FAQ:

    • What is the Scion iA? It’s a four-door sedan. A small one. It’s Mazda-esque with its sleek exterior styling, but still definitely a Scion.
    • Is the engine impressive? Negative. It’ll probably be a flyweight with a peppy four-banger. There’ll be enough pickup to get you to the taqueria in a hurry, but don’t expect enough muscle to climb a steep hill without whining. It’ll get excellent gas mileage, though – 42 MPG (expected, highway) – and that’s a little impressive.
    • Is it secretly luxurious? No. And that’s a good thing, because now we won’t see any advertising based around the interior. Interiors make the worst advertising.
    • Can I paint it crazy colors or advertise my small, local business all over it? Fuck yeah, you can.
    • Will this car sell better than outgoing Scion models? Yes. Because Scion is part of Toyota, and Toyota learns from mistakes and if you need space to save your car you can get Canadian Towing Ottawa Car Storage to help you with this.
    • Who’s excited about a sedan? This guy’s excited about a sedan. Me. I am. So stoked. Seriously.

2016 Scion iA – Official Website

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