Cheerleading November 2012: Brent Hayes

Brent Hayes, Mo BroCarrying on with the cheerleading for November of 2012: on the other side from NaNoWriMo is Movember, a global initiative to raise awareness and funds for men’s health issues like prostate cancer and the like. Gentlemen all over the world start the month clean-faced and spend thirty days avoiding any kind of men’s hair removal. Grooming the finest mustache they can muster, which, of course, is the truest test of manliness known to man. I did it last year, but this year I had to meet some people for the first time on November 6, and six days into a mustache race leaves me looking pretty awful.

So instead of participating myself, I’m rooting on others that I know of. First mustache to the plate is one Mr. Brent Hayes of somewhere-near-Jacksonville, FL.  Brent is a harcore bad-ass for many reasons, not the least of which is his impressive (most impressive) Star Wars fan status. This guy like Star Wars as much as me, if not more so. If being a Star Wars fan were a martial art, Brent would be a blackbelt.

Another thing that makes him bad-ass is his job. Brent does that FAA super-stress-out job like the guy from Breaking Bad, only Brent has never allowed any airplanes to crash in midair. That’s pretty hardcore bad-ass if you ask me. That job is mega-tough, and never once has he complained about it on Facebook.

What’s more, Brent goes for the glory. The mustache he’s growing? That’s right, it’s a Captain Morgan mustache. Nobody can ever say Brent aims low.

AND THE BEST PART: If Brent’s tally at the end of the month is $1,000 or more, Brent will keep this mustache FOR A FULL YEAR.

Make it happen, folks!  Donate to Brent’s MoBro fund here.

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