Cheerleading November 2013: Brent Hayes

Brent Hayes, Cancer Fighter (Movember)Brent Hayes may look like just some ordinary guy from the heartland, but make no mistake: Brent is a living, breathing destroyer of cancer. I don’t think of him as a mere “cancer survivor” – I think of him as a “cancer fighter” because not only did he fight and win, he continues to fight every year by growing a mustache and collecting money for the Movember organization.

Brent Hayes’ Mo Space:

Not only does he fight cancer, Brent is also an air traffic controller, which means in addition to being impossibly physically tough, he must by default be extraordinarily mentally tough as well. He’s a little bit like Chuck Norris. Brent is NOT a person to be trifled with. Go ahead, I dare you. Trifle. You’ll lose.

Despite his questionable taste in football teams, Brent is a stand-up American with more grit and more guts than you and me put together, so I’m asking you now: visit his Mo Space, gaze upon his glorious mustache, and chip in whatever you can to fight cancer. IT’S THE LEAST YOU CAN DO.

Brent Hayes’ Mo Space:

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