Cheerleading November 2013: Gabe Venema

Gabe Venema With A PipeNaNoWriMo participant Gabe Venema has had one hell of a year. Between the trivial bullshit of high school and his actual home burning down in a motherfucking wildfire, Gabe has every excuse to just lay low and do nothing at all. But check this guy out, he’s doing the EXACT OPPOSITE.

Gabe Venema is only related to me by law, and very distantly at that, but that won’t stop me from telling everyone I know that he’s one of those socially-conscious-yet-level-headed and all-around inspirational people that I wish I lived near. This dude has taken up the challenge of creating a work of literature in the month of November. National Novel Writing Month is a big challenge — a really big challenge — and I know he’s already busy with other, you know, more pressing matters like life in general. But look at him, he’s doing it. He is on his way to contributing to the great lexicon of American literature.

And he got a late start, which for many is cause enough to throw in the towel. But he’s at it like a champ, so I want everyone out there who’s not shy to give Gabe some support. He can do it. HE CAN DO IT.

Leave comments wherever you can — spread the word any way you can — GABE, YOU CAN WRITE THIS BEAST.

Seriously, this dude is amazing. And he’s whip smart. And he loves Green Day, which means he has excellent taste in music.

And I’m really eager to see what his NaNoWriMo project brings.

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