Complimentary Spam

Spam!Comments are still only coming to me from spammers, since this website is still under construction, meaning I haven’t really started to push it out to my biggest and awesomest human audiences.  Those precious few Twitter followers who aren’t following two thousand other people might have caught some posts, but according to my Google Analytics, I’m woefully under-trafficked.  And that’s how it should be at this point in time.

Anyway, I took a look at the comments and my spam queue – all nine of them – and realized they are really quite positive and engaging.  I sincerely wish they weren’t douchebags trying to take my money and/or my identity, because I’d consider releasing them from spam quarantine.

– Great day vball’n and shamrock shuffle’n. I think I’ve earned a big bowl of double fudge brownie ice cream

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– I want to post quick hello and want to say appriciate for this good article.

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Thanks, robots and false entrepreneurs.  You guys are the best.  (That last one is my favorite.)

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