Do I Look Like a Tool On LinkedIn?

Surprisingly, no.

IMPETUS: I’ve been trying to keep up with, you know, search engine optimization news and stuff. I’d heard a small murmer a several days ago about Google intending to start including social media links and posts in their search results. This is pretty cool news (if you’re into that sort of thing) and I felt it warranted a little personal investigation.

So I went ahead and performed a search late last week to see what’s already there. For some reason, I thought it would be a good idea to Google myself. I probably should have used a topic that more people are talking about, but hell, I thought, people are probably talking about me all over the place and I just don’t know it.

Anyway, I performed a search for “Bil Gaines” and what popped up surprised me. On the first page, pretty close to the top, was my LinkedIn profile.

This was surprising to me because LinkedIn is so lame, and surely I’ve got more interesting things going on.

I suddenly got very worried that I might look like a tool on LinkedIn. I’m not sure where this fear came from, but it came very suddenly and very strongly. Being so high up in the search results, this could be disastrous for me. So I took a breath, adopted as objective a point of view as I could muster, and clicked the link.

Turns out, I actually look like somewhat of a professional on LinkedIn. Like, a professional at everything that I mentioned I did on that profile. And there’s a decent photo of me. I had forgotten all about it.

I never before really understood why LinkedIn was so popular. I have always found it boring and difficult to navigate, kind of like MySpace but without all the fun things that made MySpace popular all those years ago.

But now I see the appeal: it makes you look good on paper.

Mystery solved.

Now, it’s Monday morning and there has been a press release from the Google blog that the social media results are now included. The update is live. Launch is a go. Unleash the clichés.

So, a subsequent Google search for myself (to compare to last week’s results, obviously) is in order. What now do I find? MySpace is second from the top. THIS IS EVEN DUMBER THAN LINKEDIN. I haven’t even logged into MySpace in at least two years, probably more.

Not that the new Google search algorithm is dumb. I like the concept. I trust that someday I’ll Google something that everyone I know is talking about and I’ll see some cool links posted…And I will rejoice.

Anyway – one thing is clear, my social media network has little to say about me. However, I do know that they are at least talking to me. Thanks, everybody! Talking about me is the next step. I guess I’ll need to start telling people about sooner or later, that should help…right? RIGHT??

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