Dream Theatre Company Blog: Bil – Ever the Student

Dream Theatre Company Blog: Bil – Ever the Student.

I have yet to really dive into Google Analytics for BilGaines.com here, but I do pour over the Blogger stats provided in the Blogger backend.  What I’m finding is that very, very, very, very few search engine results yield any conversion to the Dream Theatre Company Blog.  At one point earlier in the week, the only search result that actually brought someone (note: some ONE, as in singular, as in less than two) to the blog was  “wwoof hawaii” – I have no idea how this pointed to our blog, but it did.

However, as of right now, it looks like there are plenty of SERPs pulling readers to the blog, and the searches have actual relevance to the blog posts.  Total of 20 for the last month or so.  It might not be much, but I can’t help feeling a swell of pride.  It’s like when you plant a seed, and after a few days you see a little green thing coming up out of the soil.

Of course, that’s not always a good thing.  Sometimes the green thing coming up from the soil is actually the hand of a zombie, reaching up from the grave to conquer us and eat our brains.  I’ll have to keep a close watch on this.

I should probably also get a shotgun.

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