Eagle Vs. Shark Vs. EagleShark: Research

I’m thinking about writing a screenplay called “EagleShark” about – you guessed it – a monster that is part eagle, part shark, all killer.  It’s a terror in all three arenas: water, sky, and land.

This screenplay will probably garner the attention of the Hollywood elite, so I want to do it right.  So I did what any marine biologist/genetic engineer would do to start research.  I went to the internet.

Searching for “Eagle Shark” on Google Images produced almost exactly what I was looking for: an artist’s rendering of this Shark-Eagle, or, as I have already titled it, EagleShark®.  (It tried to mesh the names even closer, but Sharkgle doesn’t really work.)  Here is a photograph of the elusive beast, as interpreted by someone who thinks he knows:


While I respect the interpretation, this is obviously a fake, and obviously created by an amateur.  I feel this creature would look better if it had the entire body of the great white shark, but with majestic wings instead of pectoral fins.  You could also throw the eagle talons on the bottom, that would be pretty slick.

Here is what EagleShark should really look like:

Even more surprising, though, was this: my initial Google Search produced a stronger assortment not of imagined part-shark-part-eagle monsters, but rather a bunch of movie stills, posters, and trailers for a movie called “Eagle Vs. Shark.”

How did I not know about this movie? It looks so charming and beautiful. I love love stories about awkward people. They remind me of me & my wife. I also love that guy from “Flight of the Concords” – he is magical.

I gotta see this film before I get around to that screenplay for “Eagleshark.”

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