Felix the Dog in Slow Motion

Have you met my dog Felix?

He’s part chihuahua, part wiener dog. He’s a chiweenie.

He was a stray; we rescued him last fall from Ventura County Animal Services.

They do good work at the VCAS. And they have a lot of dogs to adopt. If you’re thinking about a dog, and you live in Ventura County, start there.


Felix’s name is his shelter name. They give all their animals names while they’re in there awaiting adoption. You are free to pick your own name for any animal you adopt.

We kept ‘Felix’ because he has many cat-like tendencies, and the obvious reference is Felix the Cat. It was fitting.

Also — according to behindthename.com, the name Felix means “lucky, successful.”

Cheeseball moment: but WE’RE the lucky ones!

Felix is the first dog I’ve ever owned, and I can’t say enough about the benefits of taking time to walk a dog every day. It’s so good for the mind. So, so good. I highly recommend it. And I recommend leaving your earphones at home. Keep that phone in your pocket. Be present with your dog while you walk. You’ll be better for it.

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