Focus Group: Sharks

As I’ve stated before, Sharkblog is a hybrid: one part freak shark museum and one part SEO experiment.  Given the latter, it would be ridiculous of me not to mention the Snickers commercial from the Super Bowl last Sunday.


As you can see, this Snickers commercial is full of hybrids.  Mash-ups.  Squash-togethers.  Snickers plus peanut butter?  Sharks plus focus group marketing?  Live action plus animation?  IT’S HYBRID MADNESS!  I love it.

Even the sharks themselves are hybrids between great white sharks (Carcharodon carcharias) and human beings (homo sapiens).

Actually, a hybridization of man and shark would be Sharkman.  That Snickers commercial is more like anthropomorphization  than hybridization.

So what I have here then is a complete bastardization of the definition of the word “hybrid.”  On the flip side, no dictionary appears to recognize the word anthropomorphization, so I think I just invented a new word.

Anthropomorphization © 2011 Bil Gaines.  $1.50 per use.  See Bil for details.

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