Gaines the Writer

Ultimately, I’d rather be a full-time writer to make a living. It’s a long process, though – it’s like growing a tree and doing what you can to guide it where you want it to grow. And since I have my own website, I might as well show off the little milestones, right? Right. Check it out.

Poetry & Short Stories:

The Moving Sidewalk to Mars
An ebook of poetry. Self-published.
From $3.99
Farallon Review, Issue 4 Blood in the Sand
A short story. Published in the most recent Farallon Review.
The Gap Toothed Madness, First Issue The City Beautiful (original title: Jet Boots)
A poem. Published in the first issue of the Gap-Toothed Madness.

Short Plays:

Death at the End of the Beardlands, 2010

The Fall of Alex Trebek, 2011

Let’s get into trouble, baby:

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