Google Maps And The Absence Of Donuts

The Google Maps app for iOS finally properly launched this week and I feel it is my duty to point out a glaring error that I cannot overlook, one that Apple Maps does not suffer from.

This is not a full review of the Google Maps app, mind you, merely a response to the overwhelming sigh of relief that so many iPhone users may have prematurely breathed.

There is a donut shop at the corner of Victoria Ave. and Channel Islands Blvd. in Oxnard, CA that Google Maps doesn’t show. There is also a cupcake shop in the same parking lot that Google Maps has somehow omitted. One of the big plusses to Google Maps over the fairly new Apple Maps for iOS 6 was that businesses showed up, whereas on the Apple Maps app, they did not. That was the common complaint, anyway.

Well, here is a case of the opposite happening. Spudnuts and Missy’s Cupcake Creations, two small independent businesses – one a franchise, one a new start-up – are missing out on the cupcake-and-donut-scarfing crowd of young, hip iPhone users who think that Google Maps is automatically better than Apple Maps.

I’m not saying that overall, Google Maps isn’t better. I’m just saying we don’t really know all the flaws. There are exceptions all over the place, I’m sure, and this particular exception may be costing some small businesses some business.


Cupcake & Donut Score
Apple: 1
Google: 0

Google Maps App
Google Map. No donuts, no cupcakes.
Apple Maps App
Apple Map of the same location. Donuts & cupcakes here.



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