Hilma af Klint is My Jam

Hilma af Klint is My Jam
Holy shitsnacks, who was this amazing artist and how did I never hear of her until I randomly stumbled upon her works on Pinterest?!

Hilma af Klint, according to her Wikipedia page, was one of the earliest pioneers of abstract art. She was from Sweden and worked in art & philosophy with a group of five women called “The Five” (da fem).

Her outlook on spirituality and theosophy led Google to define her as both an artist and a mystic. This, along with a well-documented aptitude for mathematics, influenced what she referred to as her life’s work. Her paintings are generally described as brightly-colored geometrical weirdness, which is pretty much my favorite kind of art.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about her, though, is that she requested her art not be shown publicly until 20 years after her death. That was kind of a brilliant move.

I’m not gonna lie. I wish I was her.

Pinterest is cool for finding home decorating hacks and food recipes, but whatever. I like Pinterest for discovering new artists. Hilma af Klint’s work is magnificent and I love, love, love it. And I might never have found her without Pinterest.

Here’s the pin board I originally found:

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