Infographic: Everything I’ve Learned About Google AdWords

Back in December, I was offered a hundred-dollar credit for Google AdWords and I took it, mainly to see how it works & how well I was able to navigate the tools, but partly also to see if I could make a few bucks with it. My plan was to use the $100 credit to see if I made any money selling a book of poetry – since it was just the $100 credit, and no money from my own pocket, it would have been nothing but profit.

Did I make any money? No, I did not. Zeros all the way.

Did I learn a little bit about Google AdWords? Sure, a little bit. And now, for the benefit of the people, here’s everything I’ve learned about Google Adwords in one convenient infographic:

Infographic - Google AdWords


As you can see from the infographic, my usual traffic numbers are among the most pathetic of any blogger out there, and AdWords gave me a boost of like 600%. The trouble is, all of it went to a page that needed to sell my poetry book, and that didn’t happen once. So, while I didn’t make any money off of my free hundred bucks of Google AdWords cash, I did learn the important lesson of how much my landing page sucks for my book. Expect a redesign in the near future…

Of course, I could have saved time and fake money by reading this OMI article on landing page effectiveness:

10 Expert Tips for Increasing Landing Page Conversions


Also: final call to action, for good measure. Buy my poetry book, The Moving Sidewalk To Mars!

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