Lessons From Instagram: Final Thoughts Before Moving On

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Instagram is, without a doubt, my absolute favorite social media outlet right now. This may change in the future – that’s just the nature of the future – but for now I am wholly addicted and I can’t go anywhere without my iPhone lest I find myself looking at something interesting and have no cameraphone to capture it. This love of Instagram, combined with my love of search and social media, drove me to painstakingly hand-type three hundred photos’ worth of data into a spreadsheet just to answer a couple questions that we probably already all knew the answers to anyway.

So just in case my drivel is meaningless, I want to provide a few links to useful blog posts regarding Instagram and social media marketing and whatnot. 

Before I stop analyzing old data and waxing poetic about this social app, I want to just jot down some final thoughts.

  •  Style matters. Every photo tells a story, and, as anyone who’s ever asked about my tattoo can attest, I’m all about letting people make their own stories using what I offer up. I strive for clarity without context; the human brain does a wonderful job of creating its own context.
  • Technique matters. It’s true, some photos are better than others in terms of visual appeal. If there’s one piece of advice I have to give other than “use hashtags,” it’s make sure that horizon is straight. Nothing distracts me more than a slightly off-kilter line of sight. I try my best, but I don’t always succeed, and the follower engagement definitely dwindles the shittier my photos get.
  • Location matters. I’ve never understood the appeal of geotagging Facebook status updates or Twitter updates, but Instagram pictures? Absolutely. It’s nice to be able to look at a map and see what that spot looks like through the eyes of a human being, using the imaginative photo effects Instagram provides. Because the filter you use helps determine the kind of story your photo tells.

So now that I am so friggin’ smart about Instagram and stuff, what will I do, you ask?  I’m not a company that needs to  get more followers on Instagram, I’m just some guy, so “marketing” isn’t going to do me any good other than feed my insatiable narcissism.

Glad you asked. As it just so happens, I do have something to sell.  More on this later.

Lastly: if anyone is planning on writing a blog post about Instagram, here is a word cloud created from keyword research. Hope you find it useful!

Instagram word cloud

UPDATE: Massive editing failure has been corrected.

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