Make a Career

Eggberta, a girl.

So here’s the thing about my situation right now.  It’s nothing new to the human race, it’s only new to me.

But OHMYGOD isn’t it magical and transcendental and all kinds of wonderful!  Devon & I are having a little girl.  And she’s beeYOOOOtiful and healthy and perfect and she has ten toes and ten fingers.  And she looks just like me.  At least, I assume she does.

She’s so amazing already and we haven’t officially met.  Good gracious me, I would hate to disappoint…

It occurred to me that she’s going to give me so much joy, I probably owe it to her to give some joy in return.  I can’t rely on her to cheer me up after I get home from some job, that’s not fair.  I owe it to her to be awesome.  And in order for me to be full-time awesome, I better get a career I’m proud of.  Like, actually proud of.  Like, doing what I want to do and succeeding at it.

Hence Operation: No Day Job By 2016.  It used to be for me and for Devon, but now it’s for all three of us.  And any possible additions later on.  I need a career, not a day job.  A day job connotes that I’m only there because it’s a steady paycheck.  In many ways, that’s true.  I certainly got to where I am with the company I’m with by showing up for money.

And that’s not really cool anymore.  I can’t spend forty hours a week and most of my good energy at a job I wouldn’t have signed up for it you asked me back in college.

This, too, is nothing new to the human race, it’s only new to me.

So I’ll play it safe, but I’ll play it smart.  I’m gonna find myself a gig that satisfies me, so I can look at my daughter as a satisfied human being, and thus teach her to be a satisfied human being.  I will do my best to warn her not to take a job, but instead to make a career.

And in the meantime, I’m going to take my own advice.

More on this later…

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