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Austin Indie Rock Band Cautiontape

Austin-based indie rock outfit Cautiontape isn’t famous yet, but don’t be surprised if there’s some serious buzz by the time this band hits the studio for a full-length album next year. These guys possess some serious entertainment bones.

Their ebullient EP “How We Shine” is available on iTunes now, and is absolutely worth picking up, if for no other reason than their lead singer is credited with both vocals and glockenspiel. It’s a rare band that uses a glockenspiel well, and Cautiontape belongs to this generation.

Their sound is somewhat airy and electronic, more keyboard-driven than anything else, but with serious backbeat from a very real drumset and bass guitar. The lead singer’s gender aside, this band reminds me very strongly of Chicago rock veterans Oh My God.

Cautiontape’s EP leads off with the catchy and infectious “Get To Me” – which, on its own, is a solid introduction to a promising group – but stick with it through “Be Sweet” (where the glock really shines) and “I’m Sunshine” and you’ll be hooked. They are fun times ten.

The real reward is “The New Normal,” a brooding and introspective lament (from which the title of the EP is derived) that is both singularly personal and broadly universal – not just to interpersonal relationships, but to our country’s relationship with itself. It’s a secret treat for those who listen closely.

It’s all capped off with “We Belong To Us,” a surprisingly big anthem from a not-yet-famous little rock band.

After several listens, I am certainly eager to see what a full-length album brings. But until that happens, I’m just gonna try to spread the word of Cautiontape and hopefully catch a show if they ever head to L.A.

Dig them on SoundCloud.

Or, better yet, download “How We Shine” from iTunes.

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