New Music Discovery: WOOF.


Recently I found an artist called Woof. Actually, that’s misleading. It’s more like he found me.

Mastermind Kelan Bonislawski followed me one day out of the blue on Twitter. I work in digital marketing and I knew exactly what was going on. Some clever software connected us.

This happens all the time, and usually I ignore it, but when it’s an indie musician or filmmaker, I tend to at least give ‘em a look. I checked out his Soundcloud account, and you know what? This music is great. Super-great.

Check out the track below, and if you dig it, pick up that EP on iTunes. I am totally into it. If you enjoy (as described by the artist) “ugly pop songs” as well, then this EP is refreshing as hell.

The songs are strikingly personal, in that these are very clearly representative of what’s going on in his own head. But there’s something at least a little bit universal. And maybe that is only to the tiniest possible degree, but it connects with me, at least, and I am a complete stranger.

The synthy indie-pop sensibilities belie an appreciation for the little oddities of life that the lyrics appear to complain about on the surface. There’s heavier content in what is sung over an almost Nintendo-ish melodic glee than what you’d imagine at first, but just because it’s heavier doesn’t mean it’s not full of life and joy.

If there’s one common thematic element, it’s control – when you let go of trying to control things, you’ll find yourself similarly free of things that control you, which is a very human-centric way of saying that our universe tends toward entropy and there’s nothing we can do about that.

Anyway: indulge your ears for a surprisingly chipper slice of cynical pie and groove along while you drive somewhere. And don’t forget to pick up that EP! (iTunes) (Amazon)

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