Oops, I Killed PDI/DreamWorks

Last week I bemoaned the inadequacies of the female characters in “How To Train Your Dragon 2,” and now I read here that DreamWorks is killing a major portion of its animation force.

End of an Era for PDI as DreamWorks Animation Closes Studio

The article states that PDI/DreamWorks is losing half of its 450-strong workforce, the other half of which will be offered the chance to relocate to DreamWorks Animation in Glendale.

Obviously, I didn’t really do that, it was internal failures to plan for box-office flops like Mr. Peabody and Sherman and The Penguins of Madagascar. That’s a tough blow, especially since – while I enjoyed How To Train Your Dragon 2 (in spite of its female character problem) – I absolutely loved Mr. Peabody and Penguins, and the part that DreamWorks is shutting down is PDI, which made these two.

So, for what it’s worth: I’m sorry for the shit-talking.

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