Prudent Investment: Tuxedo

Saturday night I attended a wedding.  I wore my tuxedo.

MY tuxedo.

That’s right, I now belong to the class of men that own a tuxedo.  And it feels pretty good.

Of course, it’s a pretty big purchase, and I can’t say I recommend buying a tuxedo without telling your wife first.  Wives in general are not fans of big purchases made without their knowledge, and my wife is no exception.  She has made this very clear.  Very clear.

However, I will maintain that the investment is a prudent one.  By the third time I wear that suit out and about, it’ll have paid for itself over the cost of renting each time.  All I have to do is not destroy it.

And 35 years from now, when we finally allow our daughter to start dating and eventually get married, won’t it be nice not to have to worry about renting a tuxedo?

At any rate…Big congratulations to the happy couple from this weekend.  You know who you are.  Thank you for having us at your wedding.  We look forward to your first baby becoming part of our baby’s entourage.

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