Bland Car Enthusiast: A New Blog Segment

Sexy 2013 Buick Lacrosse
Buick LaCrosse. So sexy.

Sedan design is a sort of a passion of mine, and like gasoline burning inside a combustion engine, this passion drives me to blog.

I hadn’t blogged about it at all here on because when I started my WordPress account two years ago, I was working for, and when I left that company to move back to California, the job that was waiting for me was with  Both Cars and Edmunds are automotive websites (which you probably know if you clicked on either link), and though my job at each had more to do with dealers’ listings, I was always hesitant to contradict the editors, lest I appear to them as some sort of unknowing, unthinking, inexperienced, account-managing NON-automotive journalist. This fear was pretty much entirely unfounded, but I just never wanted to stir up trouble, so I simply spoke my opinion out loud at the office instead of blogging.

Nobody really cared what I said, anyway, nor would have cared what I blogged, since – as I mentioned – four-door sedans are to me what Ferraris, Lamborghinis and Porches are to other guys. I love them. I care about their design – the styling, the functionality, the driver experience, the head-turning qualities that draw comparisons to unreasonably attractive humans.

So anyway – around this time last year I made a declaration of commitment to Sharkblog, but that commitment fell down the shitter pretty quickly when I landed the SEO job that I was hoping Sharkblog would help me land. This year, I’m smarter than that. I will make no such declaration of commitment. I will, however, introduce a new vertical to my site: Bland Car Enthusiast. The automotive vertical, if you will. It’s basically a blog category where I talk about cars, mainly four-door sedans and occasionally hatchbacks or convertibles.

Full disclosure: my wife & I actually own two cars, neither of which is a sedan. The sedan is the dream.

Bland Car Enthusiast



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