Sharkblog: Analytics check-in, October 12, 2011

Self-analysis is a very important aspect of Sharkblog, and I have been, shall we say, less than prolific with this experiment.  (I have a brand-new baby.  Life is really goddamn tough.  Cut me some slack.)

When it comes to SEO — not just with Sharkblog, but with the entire website — my first lesson has been has been that consistent, frequent updates are the key.  I’ve been told many times by many smartypants experts that content is king, and let’s face it: a king without a kingdom is not a very good king.  I looked at the ol’ Google Analytics the week after I posted a six-article miniseries (the process of the completion of Operation: Move to California as Soon as Possible) at the rate of one article per day, and that week was my highest-traffic week EVER.  I classified it in my mind as “showing excellent growth.”  I had little to post after that, though, and accordingly, my traffic was back to “pretty shitty.”

BUT…traffic is better than the week before that miniseries, so it looks like some of it stuck.  This is happy news.

So now I’m thinking that in addition to quality, for which I’m still hammering out a Sharkblog keyword strategy, I’ll need to post literally as often as possible.

And I know that not every post needs to be long.  In fact, I have a sneaking suspicion that short-to-mid-length posts will strengthen Sharkblog, if anything.  The shorter the post, the easier it is to read.  And I’d like whole posts to get read.  I have a pretty terrible fucking bounce rate right now (72.06%, you bunch of dickheads!) and I think with shorter posts, I’ll be able to reduce that.  We’ll see.

Shorter posts should also be (in theory) quicker to compose, so this whole new-baby business should be less of a roadblock and more of a source of inspiration.

Also, moving forward, I’ll be leaving teasers for the next article whenever possible.

Next up: let’s talk chat babble articulate speculate conversate ventriloquize yak about keyword strategy.

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  1. Here’s an idea re: short posts that you can manage with a new baby – let Aliena write some! Just have her mash the keyboard and post the results. Like a written version of parents showing off baby paintings!

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