Sharkblog: Dinoshark in the Details


In the ongoing quest to create an SEO campaign based on fictional shark-beasts, I have reached what I feel is an important milestone: I spotted my first organic shark-based search click this week.

Somebody typed in “how many teeth dinoshark have” into Google and found their way to my site.  Huzzah!

I just watched a graduation ceremony at the University of Notre Dame this weekend.  Now I know how those kids must feel.

And like the newly-released Notre Dame grads, I too must celebrate for only a short time, and then carry on with the important work I am surely meant to do.

This is indeed a glorious day for Sharkblog, but it is only a beginning.  I have a choice: invest time and energy into Dinoshark-related content, or carry on as I have been and see what other small miracles Google Analytics brings me.

I don’t know the answer yet; I may need to do both.  We’ll have to see.

One thing is certain, though: I do feel compelled to solve the mystery that brought my visitor here in the first place.

The answer to the question of how many teeth Dinoshark does have is, of course, infinity.  Dinoshark, like almost all other sharks, regrows teeth as he loses them.  At any given point of time, he will appear to have a finite amount of teeth in his mouth, ranging somewhere between 32 and 2,140…But if you’re counting those, then you’re not thinking 4th-dimensionally.

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