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BearsharktopusWelcome to Sharkblog!  This section of is dedicated to all things Shark, but especially the increasingly daring experimentation in shark/other species hybridization.



There’s a twist. I myself am not so totally into sharks that I would create an entire blog about them for the sheer adrenaline rush of posting paragraphs with pictures of Jaws.

Sharkblog is, much like Sharktopus or Dinoshark, a hybrid monster created by an ingenious (though slightly deranged) mind.

Here is what I mean. I like sharks well enough, but really I just like sea monsters in general. Why, then, would I lead a readership into thinking I’m all about sharks and shark derivatives?

Simple: search engine optimization.

That’s right, I’m a mad scientist and I’m running a mad science experiment…an experiment in SEO. I’ve created Sharkblog for the purpose of gaining experience in how to attract online visitors.

So, to start with: shark sharky shark shark, sharky sharky shark.

Good luck ignoring me, Google.

What prompted this? A couple of things. I’ve been looking for a laboratory in which to play around with SEO, and I happened to see this SmartBlog article (and video) on how Discovery Channel went ballistic with social media for last year’s Shark Week. So sharks + social media and SEO experiments + love of combining monstrous things that shouldn’t be combined = Sharkblog.

This also fits into my plan to move back to California. I don’t want to move without a job, and I don’t want to take a job I don’t enjoy. And simply being fascinated by the statistical and behavioral sciences of SEO and social media isn’t enough to land me a job that I actually want in that field, I probably also have to know how to make it work and probably even have some experience doing so. Again, Sharkblog.

Follow me on this journey to the depths…if you dare!

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