Sharkblog: GOOOOAAAAL!! (Score: Plus One)

+1 for SharkblogSocial search just got a boost.  Google +1 is here for webmasters.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I don’t like the idea of integrating social with search.  I would rather keep them separate.  That’s just me.

That being duly noted, of course I installed the +1 button everywhere I could on my own site.  Had to be done.  I’ve got Sharkblog to promote.

Speaking of Sharkblog: one of the reasons for focusing on sharks and shark hybridizations is to help narrow the focus.  I love all sea monsters, truly I do, but I chose to laser in on sharks because there’s already a built-in audience for them.  I can snag more traffic if there are more searches to begin with regarding my chosen topic.  Of course, it means the playing field for shark blogs is more crowded and the competition is greater, but that doesn’t scare me.

I mentioned before that I lack a content strategy for Sharkblog, and for that matter, I lack solid goals.  It’s like I jumped into a hockey rink without knowing what the puck is or where it needs to go.

Well.  Now I have an idea.

Here it is:

My goal will be to land on page one of Google’s search results when looking for the word “Sharkblog.”

I’m not there currently, and I would like to be.  Sharkblog.  One word.  One simple, beautiful keyword.

And yes.  Yes, I know that getting on page one for a single keyword is way harder than a multi-word longtail search.  Yes, I know that it’s kind of foolish to narrow my focus to just shark-related monstrosities for the purpose of being in a broader search range, only to negate that broadness by focusing on one single keyword that no one really searches for.

But it’s not the only goal I’ll ever set for it.  It’s just a goal, and I need to know what I need to do to get it accomplished.

Step one: +1.

Help a fellow American out: if you use Google, can you click that +1 down below?

Thanks. You’re the best.

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