Sharkblog: Shark Week Afterglow

Another Discovery Channel Shark Week has come and gone, same as every year: highly anticipated and never lasting long enough, but satisfying nonetheless.

And just like every year, there were some repeats (the best of the best) and some new adventures.

Things I learned this year:
– Moray eels have two sets of jaws, sort of like James Cameron’s aliens.
– If you lose a thumb (say, to a moray eel, for example), you can replace it with your big toe.
– If you tag a shark, you get to name it.
– If you want to kiss a shark, you better not screw up.

Things I already knew but got a fun reminder of:
– Great white sharks can launch themselves all the way out of the water.
– Great white sharks launching themselves all the way out of the water is one of the coolest things in the world.

The one thing I would have wanted more from Shark Week is some equal-opportunity programming about shark/monster hybrids.  But it’s the Discovery Channel, and they have to wait for things to be discovered first, so I can let it slide.

Only 51 weeks till the next Shark Week.  Mark your calendars.

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