SHARKBLOG: Stephen King Nearly Eaten

‘I went cartwheeling through the air’: surfer’s lucky escape as shark takes chunk out of board.

Please note: this article is not about horror fiction writer Stephen King, who lives in Maine, USA, but rather some surfer from Australia who is (coincidentally) also named Stephen King.

Nevertheless, a compelling story – some great white shark took a Hollywood-style bite out of his surfboard, and King dramatically made it back to shore to warn the others.

Now, the event itself and the real-life news story is not entirely unique; on the contrary, anyone who watches Shark Week knows that this sort of thing happens with some regularity.

But given that the surfer’s name in this case is the same as our most popular horror writer, the question now arises: why hasn’t Stephen King, the horror writer, ever written any stories involving sharks? They are fearsome brutes with zillions of super-sharp teeth in their heads. Scary, right?

Just because there aren’t a lot of surfers in the northeastern state of Maine doesn’t mean you can’t create a shark tale up there. I for one would read a book about a massive shark that attacked lobster boats.lobstershark

OR, better yet, I would read a book about a monster that was part shark, part lobster. Like, a huge great white shark with massive lobster claws instead of pectoral fins.

You can have that one, Stephen King, I will ask only for a measly 2% in royalties for coming up with the idea. You’re welcome.

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