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Hybrid madness

Sharkblog - it is on


Just in time for the Detroit Auto Show, I am ready to unveil the 2012, now with more Sharkblog!

New Side Gig: Writer

Gaines, Chicago Green Parenting Examiner…Sort of like Walker, Texas Ranger, but without the hat.

Sharkblog: Dinoshark in the Details

In the ongoing quest to create an SEO campaign based on fictional shark-beasts, I have reached what I feel is an important milestone: I spotted my first organic shark-based search click this week.

Free Cocaine!

Additionally: free beer, free pot, free heroine, free mushrooms, free methamphetamines, free HBO and free sex.

Google Is People?

Google’s got a new way to blend people and technology, and it’s not the Borg. Yet.

Focus Group: Sharks

As I’ve stated before, Sharkblog is a hybrid: one part freak shark museum and one part SEO experiment…