The Reality Behind the “Check-In” Hype | Beyond

The Reality Behind the “Check-In” Hype | Beyond.

This is an article from people who know about analytics and social media.  Apparently, despite the supposed popularity of Facebook Places, Foursquare, Gowalla,etc., people just don’t check in that much from smart phones.  Not unless they get a prize for it.  9.3 Million Foursquare users and these guys still they say geolocation services are at a point where they could go away and be remembered as passing fad in the tech history books, or else just tread water until some mind-blowingly superior and lucrative technology makes use of the check-in.


As for me, I full under the category of Don’t-Need-To-Advertise-My-Whereabouts-Because-If-You-Even-Cared-You’d-Be-Here-Too.

However, that’s not stopping me from trying to get Dream Theatre Company set up on Foursquare.  It’s free for businesses.  Why the hell not?

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