The Social Robot: Thoughts on Social Media For Writers

EXACTLY. A writer on writing and necessity of social media. Also, a funny picture of an old lady saying something odd.  Like any good article, this post serves to justify my own existence on the web.

Yes, I’m on Twitter.  Yes, I waste a good deal of time there.  Well, you say waste, I say invest.  Potato, potato.

But as someone who is cool online but totally awkward in person, I cannot stress the value of social media enough.  This is something people like me have been catching on to for decades.  It’s easy to stand up for yourself and your activities when you’ve got time and a keyboard to articulate your thoughts.  In person, I either stutter until something clever comes out (and usually by then it’s too late), or else I clam up and apologize.  I’ve learned to pick my battles smartly, but for the most part I choose not to battle at all.  Online, however, I am Charlie Sheen: a warlock with tiger blood and Adonis DNA.

So – yes.  Twitter makes me a better person.  That’s my point.

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