Trucker Hat Couture

Today, January 15, is National Hat Day, so I’d like to talk about the majesty of the trucker hat.

You know what hat I’m talking about – typical baseball cap shape with the distinction of a mesh back half. This is a hat that carries a fair amount of connotations with it, and for better or for worse, those connotations are almost unanimously populist.

Yes, the trucker hat is the hat of the commoner. But why should high fashion designers fear it? Why should billionaires reject it? It has plenty going in its favor:

1) Functionality.

The trucker hat is an engineering marvel. With is minimally shapely brim, it keeps the sun out of the eyes without impeding much upward and sideways visibility.

With its mesh back half on top, it offers the scalp a consistent flow of fresh air while still maintaining shade to help prevent sunburns.

And most trucker hats are adjustable, with their unmistakable plastic row of snaps. What’s not to love?

2) Customizability.

The trucker hat is a blank canvas. They can come in just about any color, and the front half on top is perfect for any wearer to display their message to the world.

They can show your loyalty to a brand or team, they can display art, or they can simply make a statement with literal text. If you can design it on paper, you can put it on a trucker hat. Possibilities are endless.

3) Cross-Subculture Reach.

The trucker hat is so-named due to its popularity with truckers. That’s pretty obvious. But plenty of subcultures throughout the western world have embraced the efficiency and the beauty of the trucker hat, from hipsters to bros to golf pros to mechanics to poker players and more.

The trucker hat binds us together while still keeping us free to express our individuality. It’s basically a fashion designer’s dream come true.

Yes, there are many benefits to the trucker hat – how this wondrous headpiece has eluded the upper echelons of haute-couture is a mystery to me.

I will leave you, the couture purists, the fashion gods, the harbingers of all things sophisticated, with this challenge: instead of rejecting the trucker hat, embrace it. Elevate it to something glorious. Use it to make other products and hairstyles even more glamorous. You can do it, I know you can.

Everybody else: get a trucker hat today! Several designs to choose from.

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