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UNTITLEDmagazine — Ten Things Everyone Should Know About Time http://t.co/YhJJE9e6

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  1. I gotta say – I hate the stupid definition of entropy they use in this article. It has nothing to do with order/disorder! Not to mention that that definition is self-evidently incorrect – is the Universe more orderly now – with it’s procession of galaxies, stars, and planets in gravitational orbits – or right after the Big Bang with immeasurable amounts of engery whizzing around chaotically? The whole history of the Universe is one of increasing order.

    But that’s not actually my problem with the popular definition of entropy. My problem is this – entropy comes to us from the laws of thermodynamics. Thermodynamics are based on mathematical formulae… formulae that utilize quantifiable factors.

    How do you quantify a unit of order? Is disorder a negative unit of order, or is it a delta of order?

    It’s a load of crap, is what it is. Order/disorder isn’t a quantifiable factor, is just a human perception of things.

    The laws of thermodynamics are about energy. Entropy isn’t about order, or even chaos, it’s about energy. I think a better definition of entropy is to say: The energy contained in a system will reduce over time; systems that require a more energy to maintain in that state will change over time to require less energy to maintain.

    If we humans perceive less energetic systems as more disorderly (or less orderly, depending on your perspective) it has nothing to do with the actual factors of entropic action.

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